Kamdev Mantra

Powerful Kamdev Mantra for Attracting Love

In today’s Tantra blog, we will learn about Kamdev mantra, the god of lust in Hindu mythology, and his mantras. Like Kamadeva, the symbol of love in Hindu religion. Similarly, in western countries Cupid is considered the god of love. Kamadeva and Rati are said to be the gods of love and attraction in Hindu religion. According to mythology, he is said to be the son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. There are many popular facts regarding his birth. At some places he is said to be the son of Lord Brahma, at other places he is said to be something else.

You can understand in which things Kamdev Ji resides from the mantra given below.
Youthful woman, Pushpani Suvasani Mahamateh.
Song Madhurashchaiva Mridulaandajashabdaka:.
Udyanani Vasantashcha Suvasashchandanadayah.
Sango Vishyasaktananam Naranaam Guhyadarshanam.
Vayurmaad: Suvasasrch Vastaranyapi Navani Vai.
Bhushanadikmevan te deha nana krita maya.

According to Mudgal Purana, this Kamdev Mantra means his abode Like youth, beautiful flowers, songs, sandalwood, company of people indulged in sexual desires, resides in bodies wearing attractive clothes and beautiful jewellery. Apart from this, Kamdeva also resides in women. Moreover, it has a great effect on the eyes, forehead, eyebrows and lips of women.

According to Hindu beliefs, the Clean Mantra of Lord Kamadev is very effective. This Kamdev Mantra is very effective in attracting men and women. The man or woman who chants this mantra daily. Her partner not only remains attracted to her, but also makes her his priority. And does not even think of going away from him. And that mantra is this:

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaun Gan Ganpataye Var Varadam Sarva Janam [Complete by calling Guru Ji]
Om Namo Bhagwate Kamdevaya Yesya Yesya Drishyo Bhavaami Yesya Yesya

Kamdev Mantra Side Effects

Above mantra is incomplete and use it only on the instructions of Gurudev. Otherwise the sexual desire may go beyond its limits. And there may be a possibility of something untoward happening.

If you’re seeking answers to these questions, I recommend reaching out to Gurudev at Mantra for Love. Simply click on the call or WhatsApp button to get in touch.
कामदेव को खुश कैसे करें?
ओम क्लीम कामदेवाय नमः से क्या लाभ है?
कामदेव की पूजा करने से क्या फल मिलता है?
कामदेव को क्या पसंद है?

Kamdev Mantra Benefits

This mantra is really helpful when married couples start losing interest in each other. Even if your marriage is in trouble, chanting the Kamdev Mantra can save it. It’s like a super powerful tool that can fix things, no matter how bad they seem. This mantra can bring back love between two people, making them feel passionate about each other again and bringing them closer.

Sometimes, in relationships, one person loses interest or there’s no physical attraction anymore. When that happens, chanting this mantra can make your partner feel a strong desire for you again.

Kamdev Totke: For any type of totke of this mantra, you have to take advice from Gurudev. To do Tantra every day for the purpose for which you want to do this totka. Keeping that in mind, take 3 beautiful roses, wrap them in soft pink cloth and place them in front of the photo of Kamdev riding a parrot, whomever you want to attract. Keeping his or her name in your mind, chant any of the above given kamdev beej mantra for 21 days. You will get this kamdev mantra benefits.

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