Om Kumbhani Swaha Mantra

Know Om Kumbhani Swaha Mantra, Benefits, Side Effects, How to Do

On this blog of Tantra and Mantra guidance, we will discuss about Om Kumbhani Swaha Mantra, uses, benefits, side effects and how to get best results from it, and what things need to be careful before implementing it in real world and on real people, Will try to provide information about it.

Uses: ये जो मंत्र की चर्चा हम करने जा रहे है यह भी एक वशीकरण या फिर आप आकर्षण मंत्र भी कह सकते है, जिसका प्रयोग महिलाओं, या फिर किसी मनचाही स्त्री को अपनी और आकर्षित करने के लिए किया जाता है। पर इसके अलावा अगर आपको बीवी बात नही मानती या आपको गर्लफ्रेंड बात नही मानती, यह तक की किसी भी स्त्री के उपर ये कर सकते है, माता, बहन, भाभी, पड़ोसन कोई भी बस स्त्री होनी चाहिए क्युकी ये मंत्र टोटका या उपाय किसी पुरुष के उपर काम नही करता है

पर इसके एक और पहलु है जैसे अगर ये कुंभनि स्वाहा मंत्र किसी पुरुष पर करना हो तो हो सकता है पर उसके लिए आपको किसी विशेषज्ञ की जरुरत पड़ेगी इसके लिए आप हमारे गुरुदेव को सम्पर्क कर सकते है मंत्र तंत्र के ज्ञाता और पूजा हवन के सलाह के कोई फीस नही है काम करवाने के छोटा सा फीस लेते है जो की कुछ काम पर भी निर्भर करता है

Benefits in Hindi: If this mantra totka is performed on anybody for attraction purposes, which is basically the benefit of this mantra to attract people towards you, the effects will come after a few days if performed by a specialist. And in some cases, it hasn’t shown any results. Maybe because of some mistakes and other process barriers or because someone has seen you there working on this totka, more important is that if performed well, there will be no issue in getting the wished benefits from this Om Kumbhani Swaha mantra.

ॐ कुम्भिनी स्वाहा मंत्र का जाप [How to Perfor this Mantra Totka]: Siddhi has to be achieved on this mantra and it should be done during the setting of solar or lunar eclipse because the power of that time is strongest. Is matra Om Kumbhani Swaha per Mantra has to be chanted 9999 times to attain Siddhi. You can find out the date of solar or lunar eclipse from the Hindu calendar or by asking someone like an astrologer or a local priest.

And immediately after the accomplishment of the mantra, take a fragrant perfume, hold a cloth in your hand, and chant the mantra 108 times. and then try our perfume.

After this, give those clothes to the woman whom you want to attract if you are worried about how to reach the woman’s bedroom. That woman will be attracted by smelling Mantra Mugdh perfume; this will make the woman fall under your charm.

Side Effects: The main side effects of this mantra totka are to be careful with whom you perform; it might get you into legal or social trouble. Apart from this, this faulty process gives the performer headaches, mind disturbances, etc. And always, this needs to be performed under the guidance of experts like our site Mantra for Love Gurudev, so if you want to do this kind of attracting mantra totka, call or message and take proper guidance.

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